I’m Kayna Hobbs

Master of Science in Design and Merchandising & PHD candidate in Environmental Health, Ergonomics

Kayna Hobbs is a graduate student and graduate research assistant at Colorado State University, pursuing a PhD in Environmental Health, with a focus in Occupational Ergonomics and Safety. Kayna graduated with a Master of Science in Design and Merchandising from Colorado State University in 2020, and a Bachelor of Science in Apparel Design from University of Minnesota in 2014. Prior to applying for graduate school, Kayna worked as a patternmaker and draper in the New York fashion industry, making luxury garments for high end designers. During her four years in New York, Kayna became motivated to step away from designing expensive fashionable clothing for runway models; her interests turned to the power clothing has to influence health and wellbeing for the wearer. Kayna’s focus is designing clothing for health and wellness, while paying mind to end-users’ preferences and desires, as well as improving inclusivity in the fashion and apparel industry. Kayna’s long term goals include continuing her research in health and wellness of the general population through design and clothing. 

Please feel free to use the form to the right to contact me. Alternatively, my email is listed below. This website is currently under construction, with more information being added continuously.